We are proud to support K-12 public education through Paramount's signature program, Kindergarten to Cap & Gown.

Kindergarten to Cap & Gown is Paramount's signature program that supports students through their educational experience, targeting three partner schools in Paramount's Los Angeles neighborhood:


  • Santa Monica Blvd. Community Charter School

  • Le Conte Middle School

  • Helen Bernstein High School

At the elementary school the focus is on literacy, pairing employee volunteers one-on-one with students to practice reading, spelling & grammar on a biweekly basis. Additionally, through the Friday Readers program, employee volunteers read aloud to K-3 classrooms on a weekly basis.

At the middle school level, employees and students meet for a monthly team mentoring program aimed at increasing school attendance, boosting self confidence and ultimately combating negative peer influences that often arise in early adolescence.

At the high school level, employees are paired with a local teen for both group and one-on-one bi-weekly mentoring sessions. The 2013-14 school year saw the third "class" of Kindergarten to Cap & Gown students graduate from high school. We are pleased to work with our non-profit partner, Youth Mentoring Connection, on our middle school and high school programs.


October | Welcome Back

As the school year began at Le Conte Middle School (LCMS) and Helen Bernstein High School (HBHS), Paramount employees and their mentees kicked off this year’s program with workshops focused on getting to know each other.  

Small groups at LCMS improvised Halloween stories as they learned their partner’s names, likes, dislikes and sense of humor.  Once everyone added a piece to the story, they presented their best Halloween scare for the room.

LCMS | Your Life's Movie

The mentoring program at Le Conte Middle School’s second session took students through a look at what their life's movie would include.  Asking questions like their film's title, defining moments and where the "story" ends, let mentors and mentees share their goals and experiences to create storyboards they could share.


LCMS | Being of Service

Students and mentors created holiday wreaths for patients at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.   They wrote special notes on leaves, paper flowers and ribbon to bring cheer and encouragement to the young patients.


HBHS | Season of Giving

The December session, held at the headquarters of Big Sunday, focused on giving back and supporting others. Students and mentors made sandwiches for residents and patrons of Covenant House, a nonprofit that has provided safe housing for homeless and runaway youth for over forty years. ​


LCMS | What’s Your Major?

Paramount employees answered questions about themselves and their careers, helping students guess their college majors. They provided great examples of how their interests, family priorities, and educational goals helped determine their career paths.


HBHS | Game of LIFE

Mentors and students played a jumbo sized game of LIFE.  Students were given careers and salaries and, with their mentors, had to make decisions about credit, buying a home and taxes!  It was a fun afternoon as the groups discussed the many options life can bring and how education and career choices can affect their life's path.


LCMS | Etiquette

Students and mentors enjoyed a formal lunch as they learned the basics of dining etiquette including appropriate table conversation and how best to respond to unexpected circumstances.  In the end they revived the often forgotten art of thank you letter writing by drafting notes to someone in their life they appreciate.


HBHS | What To Do After High School

Mentees heard from past graduates of the Helen Bernstein High School program about the choices they’ve made, the challenges they’ve faced and what they’ve learned since going through Paramount’s Kindergarten to Cap & Gown program.

HBHS | Debate Challenge

Students and mentors participated in a Debate Challenge.  As they argued opposite sides of current pop culture and political issues, they learned how to see different perspectives and discuss their views in a way that is both compelling and respectful.